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Laser for Acnescares


Acne scarring is the aftermath of having acne problems in your past, and it can cause serious self-confidence issues. Some people with acne and acne scarring don’t feel like the world is seeing their true self. With A.N Skin & Hair Clinic's laser acne scar removal treatment, however, the appearance of acne scarring can be much improved.

We use Elos laser technology to get our patients significant results. This laser pulses radio frequency and light energy into the skin, which cleanses it on a very deep level. The intense light both kills bacteria and soothes inflammation at the same time. It also decreases excess sebum production, which causes oiliness in the skin.

How Does Laser Treatment For Acne Scars Work?

Acne is caused by bacteria. The Elos laser combines pulsed light and radiofrequency in a laser in order to kill the bacteria and also prevent inflammation in the sebaceous glands (the area where acne appears). The pulsed laser light also breaks down selected tissues in the skin where the acne scars are, making them less visible. This process cleanses the skin on a very deep level and improves acne scars, giving the skin a fresher and smoother appearance.

Our Elos laser is perfect for acne scar treatment because it’s safe on every type of skin, and it doesn’t cause additional scarring or any pigmentation changes. Not only does it reduce acne scars, it also prevents acne breakouts from erupting in the future.